Flowery Haunting

This is a day late, but Happy Halloween! So today I'm going to show you how to do this design. You will need a small and large dotting tool, a black striper, black nail polish, white nail polish, and other colors of your choice. Start of with painting your nails white. For your ring and and pointer finger, use your large dotting tool to make two, black, circle for the eyes. Next, make a black upside down heart for the nose. Use your black striper and draw the mouth. Finally, use your smaller dotting tool and dot different colored dots around the eyes. For your thumb, middle, and pinky finger, use your large dotting tool to make colorful circles.

Enjoy your Halloween nails!

White Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Black Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Pink Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Red Nail Polish - Ulta3
Blue Nail Polish - Tevez
Green Nail Polish - Ulta3
Purple Nail Polish - Ulta3
Orange Nail Polish - Ulta3

- Elaine xx

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