Mint Leopard Nails

Hello! This is going to be the last blog post of the year! I'm going on vacation and there's no internet connection so I guess I won't see you guys until mid-January :c

Anyways, this manicure is based on Mint Leopard Nails by elleandish

Black Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Bronze Nail Polish - MUD
Silver  Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Mint Nail Polish - Cairuo
Gold Nail Polish - Ulta3

- Elaine xx

Christmas Manicure

Hey guys! There's 18 more days until Christmas! This manicure is inspired by Cutepolish's Nail Art for Christmas: The Ultimate Guide! There's a snowman on my thumb, Santa Claus on my index finger, a gingerbread on my middle finger, a candy cane on my ring finger, and a snowflake on my pinky.
Enjoy the rest of the post!

White Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Black Nail Polish - The Face Shop
Blue Nail Polish - Tevez
Brown Nail Polish - Tevez
Red Nail Polish - Ulta3
Green Nail Polish - Ulta3
Orange Nail Polish - Ulta3

- Elaine xx