This manicure is also inspired by Elleandish. I used three shades of purple, and I didn't have a darker shade of purple so I used black for my thumb and pinkie finger. My ring finger is supposed to be purple but it looks like pink for some reason. The camouflage is pretty easy to make. The base color is a glittery purple. Wait until that dries and take your medium shade of purple and use a dotting tool to create some squiggly lines. You could look up some designs on google, or you can just do them by yourself. Wait a while, and continue creating the pattern with your lightest shade of purple. You don't have to wait until it completely dries so long as you're careful with the next later. Repeat this with your darkest shade of purple until you're happy with your design.


I'm literally only posting once a month I'm so sorry. I know what I'm going to post and I have the pictures but I just don't have time to sit down and write about it. I'm going to try and post every week but I will probably do a tag if I'm too busy to post and delete it afterwards. Oh and by the way no one entered my giveaway so that was a little bit embarrassing ahah

China Glaze - Tart-y For The Party
Ulta3 - Srping Break
Pulantin - #7
Jessica - Sunset Blvd